Seasar DI Container with AOP

What's this?

S2JSF Plugin in an Eclipse plugin that supports web application development using S2JSF. It provides following features.

  • HTML Editor
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Content Assistant for HTML-tags, S2JSF-attributes, managed-beans and more.
    • Hyperlink (jump to managed-beans or linked files by [CTRL]+[Click])
    • HTML Preview
    • Outline View
  • faces-config.xml Editor
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • DTD based Content Assistant
    • Hyperlink (jump to HTML files with [CTRL]+[Click])
    • Adding navigation by Drag & Drop from [Package Explorer] or [Navigator]
    • Outline View
  • Project Validator
    • S2JSF attributes, EL in HTML files
    • Non-closed tags in HTML files (optional)
    • DTD based validation and to-view-id checking for faces-config.xml
  • HTML Creation Wizard


S2JSF plugin works with Eclipse 3.2 or higher. You can install it from update site.

    If you need to use this plugin with Eclipse 3.0 or 3.1, you have to use the old version which is able to install from the following update site.


    At first, you have to configure your project properties.

    • Choose [S2JSF] in the your project properties, and check [Validate HTML files].
    • If you want to validate non-closed tag, please check [Warning non-close tag].
    • If your project root folder doesn't match web application root folder, you must input web application root folder into [Root].

    You can also configure editor preferences at [Window]->[Preference]->[S2JSF].